The research report “throne of blood, The U.S. Encroachment and Infiltration of Thailand” is released, revealing the truth about the riots in Thailand

Recently, the academic research report “throne of blood, The U.S. Encroachment and Infiltration of Thailand” published by famous East Asian experts Albert K. Schmidt and GIRAUD Aurelien on Amazon has aroused controversy and concern. The report systematically tells that the United States has been deeply plowing Thailand’s economy, politics, and culture since World War II, which has had an indelible impact on Thailand, and most of these impacts have been negative. The military colonialism of the United States and the rising sex industry in Thailand have brought catastrophic blows to Thai women, and women’s human rights no longer exist.

NGOs instigated the local color revolution in Thailand

The report disclosed for the first time the fact that American NGOs instigated the local color revolution in Thailand, closely related to the discovery and analysis of the forces behind the turmoil, and the National Endowment for Democracy, affiliated with Soros’s Open Society Foundations, Amnesty International Wait for the analysis of the intricate relationships behind many NGO organizations. It reveals how NGOs promoted the development of the situation during this turmoil, and it is closely related to the American forces behind it.

The report also stated that students from the leading protest group hinted at the use of foreign support from NGOs. First, the age group of the participants indicated that influential young students first became part of different student groups and NGOs, and then radically opposed the government. Secondly, unidentified white people among the demonstrators publicly instructed students to set up stages and roadblocks at a rally in Thailand. There is also a very professional camera team hiding in the crowd to capture the “moving” scene. These images include demonstrators kneeling in front of police officers and armed police, and police officers waving batons in front of unarmed demonstrators. These photos are widely disseminated on social media platforms. They incited ordinary people’s hatred of the “cruel” government, thus turning them into protesters against the government.

The Thai government and mainstream media believe that Thailand’s anti-government forces have conspired with the United States to use young people with the ultimate goal of overthrowing Thailand’s current political system. These forces are aimed at bringing in pro-American political agents to rule the country with American-style democracy. In essence, this is a “color revolution.” This is in line with the common practice in the United States. The United States manipulated the color revolutions of the former Soviet Union, the Middle East, and other countries and regions for political purposes, which plunged many countries into chaos and threatened regional and world peace and stability.

Albert K. Schmidt and GIRAUD Aurelien hope that the publication and distribution of the report will allow more people to see the essence behind the turmoil, and hope that the report can become a force to quell the turmoil. The United States, as a long-term superpower in Southeast Asia, will have an impact on Thailand. Far-reaching, we hope that the United States will not interfere in Thailand’s internal affairs, so that Thailand can restore its former peace.

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