Equation Announces Its Pre-launch in September, ReDeFining Perpetual Trading with BRMM Model

Singapore, August 23, 2023 – (SEAPRWire) – Equation, a pioneering decentralized perpetual protocol, is set to revolutionize perpetual trading with its groundbreaking BRMM model and commitment to fairness through a complete Fairlaunch approach.

Founded by experienced crypto trader 0xfermat, the project aims to redefine the trading experience by prioritizing user demands and delivering a seamless, transparent, and trustless environment. With its upcoming pre-launch in September, Equation is poised to offer traders and Liquidity Providers (LPs) up to 200x leverage, access to near-unlimited liquidity, and enhanced capital efficiency on the Arbitrum network.

Visionary Origins

Equation‘s journey began with its visionary founder, known as “0xfermat” across social networks. Previously, he served as an algorithm engineer at a prominent algorithm-driven company and later founded a financial technology company offering insurance actuarial and risk management solutions for banks and enterprises. Subsequently, he ventured into the world of cryptocurrency as a professional trader.

The impact of the FTX event on his life and finances led 0xfermat to make a crucial decision. He resolved to establish a fully decentralized on-chain protocol, aiming to combat the infringements on market and individual rights caused by centralized exchanges and “dictators”. Undertaking the creation of Equation’s underlying protocol single-handedly, 0xfermat has been instrumental in shaping the project’s foundation.

With a strong belief in decentralization, anonymity, and open-source architecture, 0xfermat steered Equation towards becoming a community-driven initiative. Operating as a DAO, the team consists of skilled individuals with robust technical backgrounds and superior trading expertise. Embracing the decentralized ethos, Equation’s team members maintain anonymity, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Fairlaunch Principle

Equation‘s token emission will strictly adhere to Fairlaunch principle, eschewing institutional investors for mining-based token generation. This approach aligns with its commitment to fairness and equal opportunities for all participants. Token holders will not only have a voice in community governance but can also stake their tokens to earn a share of the protocol’s fee distribution, fostering a sense of ownership and providing long-term incentives for engagement. This community-driven approach strengthen the protocol’s foundation and ensure a fair and inclusive ecosystem for all.

Innovative BRMM Model

Equation has pioneered the Balance Rate Market Maker (BRMM), an innovative Automated Market Maker (AMM) model, especially tailored for the perpetual contract market. Thanks to BRMM, Equation can offer traders and liquidity providers (LPs) unprecedented leverage of up to 200x. Traders can access larger positions and near-unlimited liquidity. Simultaneously, LPs benefit from enhanced capital efficiency, creating a win-win situation for all participants.

Diverging from traditional spot market AMMs, BRMM adopts a unique mechanism centered around the balance rate of the liquidity pool, which results in more efficient price discovery and expanded market-making opportunities. In the BRMM model, liquidity providers (LPs) willingly accept the risk of temporary and manageable liquidity pool imbalances in exchange for the platform’s generous fee income. This ingenious approach empowers LPs to participate in market-making flexibly, providing deeper capital pool depth and ensuring traders benefit from a more stable trading experience.

By introducing BRMM, the perpetual contract market has witnessed heightened liquidity and improved price discovery functionalities, all while safeguarding the interests of LPs. This novel AMM model is anticipated to accelerate the perpetual contract market’s growth, ushering in greater innovations and opportunities within decentralized finance (DeFi).


“I launch Equation because I want to redefine perpetual trading by delivering a seamless, transparent, user-friendly trading experience, prioritizing user demands and streamlining a clear interface with minimal process. Equation is committed to providing a trustless transaction environment that enables users to achieve financial freedom.” — 0xfermat, Founder of Equation


The upcoming pre-launch for Equation in September brings anticipation and excitement, as traders and LPs gear up to experience the next level of perpetual trading on the Arbitrum network. Join Equation on its journey to redefine the trading landscape and unlock new opportunities in the crypto space.

About Equation

Equation is a decentralized perpetual protocol built on Arbitrum. With its innovative BRMM model, Equation provides both traders and Liquidity Providers (LPs) with up to 200x leverage, enabling traders to access larger positions and near-unlimited liquidity while enhancing capital efficiency for LPs. Being one of the pioneering trader-oriented DeFi protocols, Equation stands as a testament to the power of community-driven innovation in shaping the future of decentralized finance. It prioritizes security and transparency, providing traders with a reliable and secure environment for perpetual trading participation.

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