No. 1 in Fujian! RMB 880 Million of Import and Export of Agricultural and Fishery Products at Pingtan Port in 2020

On February 9, according to Pingtan Customs, the import and export value of aquatic products, fruits and other agricultural and fishery products in Pingtan in 2020 reached RMB 880 million, ranking the first in Fujian, with a year-on-year growth of 31.52%.

In May 2019, the Experimental Area formulated the Measures on Encouraging the Import of Agricultural and Fishery Products in Taiwan (Trial Implementation); in June, it established an online trading platform for the cross-strait agricultural and fishery products to enable farmers, agricultural and fishery associations and cross-strait trading enterprises in Taiwan to start their one-stop cross-border transactions, with a turnover of over RMB 30 million in one month.

At present, “Three Lines in Parallel” – transport lines from Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung to Pingtan have gone into the normal operation; based on the online trading platform for cross-strait agricultural and fishery products, such supporting services as cross-border transactions, purchase and pre-sale of Taiwan-made agricultural and fishery products are provided. The cross-strait shipping, inspection and declaration, cold chain storage, trade arbitration and other supporting services will also be gradually provided in the days to come to create a full chain for such products.

Pingtan is committed to creating a “fast track” for the import and export of agricultural and fishery products. For this reason, Pingtan Customs has launched a series of policies to open up a “green channel” for them to provide “7×24 hours extra work appointment”, and 24h available “online + offline” customs clearance services, and guide enterprises to make use of convenient and rapid customs clearance modes such as “two-step declaration” and “early declaration” to ensure “5+2” whole-week customs clearance and smooth “landing” of agricultural and fishery products.

Early in the outbreak last year, Pingtan Customs took the lead in introducing 15 measures to support enterprises to resume work and production and to exempt consignor and consignee from being present at the examination of goods, establish a “one-to-one” support mechanism of “one policy for one enterprise, and one case for an event”, coordinate in solution to the problems such as misclassification of imported honey tangerine, reduce extended logistics costs, verify declaration of lists, and provide policy consultation and special services during the pandemic.

According to the introduction, Pingtan Customs will fully cooperate with Pingtan Comprehensive Experimental Area to seek for the support to make Pingtan a national cold chain logistics backbone city, promote the construction of the second phase of the Pingtan Haixi Quarantine Center, make agricultural and fishery products industry a stronger and better industry, boost Pingtan to build up into a distribution center for Taiwan agricultural and fishery products into the mainland of China, and promote it to become the “first choice” pilot area for Taiwan people and enterprises.

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